Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering deals with the design, implementation, management of information of both hardware and software processes. Computer Science Engineers are having challenging opportunities in Database management, Information Technology, Embedded system, Telecommunication, Forensics, Maintenance, and almost all the other industries in this sector. The computer industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in the recent years. One can pursue higher education with vast choices like Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed system, Computer designing, Human computer Interaction, visual computing, Robot Designing etc.

Key Laboratories –

  • Data Structure Lab. 
  • Operating System Lab.
  • Object Oriented
  • Programming Lab. 
  • Web Technology Lab.  
  • System Software Lab.            
  • DBMS Lab.   
  •  Project Lab.-1 (UG) 
  • Software Engineering Lab.    
  • Project Lab.-2 (PG)    
  • PhD Research Lab.    
  • Computer Programming Lab.
  • Digital Electronics Lab.
  • Programming Methodology Lab.                        
  • Computer Centre (Central facility).