Information Technology

The user industries are building its applications using the best products in Database System, Data Communications and Networking, etc. They are using IT in their operations and decision making. Due to its exponential growth, computer user community is facing shortage of manpower, trained in developing quality solutions and planning for long term IT requirements. The need for human resources in the IT industry is being addressed at various levels.
Information Technology course provides sophisticated academic program that will have the necessary depth and focus to meet the needs of both the user and the IT industry. IT provides a formal yet flexible education and research structure. Sipna’s UG programe in IT is the only NBA accredited among the Engineering Institutions in the Vidarbha region. In addition to the curriculum, we also focus on various co-curricular activities like workshops, mock interviews, guest lectures by experts, etc. to bridge the gaps between the syllabus and current trends in the IT industries.

Key Laboratories –

  • DBMS Lab.
  • Computer Network Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab.
  • Internet of Things Lab.
  • Project Lab.    
  • Web Technology Lab.           
  • Programming Language Lab.